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1. It shows what your company does
Your logo can tell your potential clients who you are, what kind of services or products you sell, or what benefits your consumers.

2. It Creates Curiosity
Your logo should be designed to draw the interest of your potential clients, enticing them to at least have a look and hopefully buy your service or product.

3. It shows what you do or offer.
A good logo shows what you do and who you are, but it must also distinguish you from your competition. Dare to be different.

1. Let us know your company name and slogan if you have one and select a logo category.

2. Pick a logo design that you like and that resembles your business

3. Edit your logo design, change colors, fonts, add symbols, pictures, and more.

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To design a successful and future proof logo, you need to set a solid foundation. To do that, you need to do research. Who is my ideal customer? What brands do they like? What is the competition doing, and where do I want to use my logo most?

The Quality of a Logo is subjective, but some elements make a logo either good or bad.

Most of the best logos are simple. They should represent your brand, easily recognizable, unique, memorable, and appropriate for the industry and your client that you want to target.

Bad logos are mainly focused on current trends, or a copy of famous logos, confusing and complicated.


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What is your place in the market?
Before making any decisions about your brand, you need to understand the market you are targeting. Find out who your competition is and most importantly, your potential customers.

Choose your Business Name
Keep your business name short, make sure clients can remember your name and that it’s easy to pronounce and to spell. Make it also Brandable and descriptive.

Pick your colors fonts and Brand
As soon as you got your name for your brand, think about how you will represent your brand, typography and logo and font colors. It is important later when you are going to create your website

Write a company slogan
A slogan should be catchy; it should be something short and descriptive. You can use it on your business cards, social media headlines, really everywhere you can place your slogan in a few words.
Design your logo

A Logo should be unique and straightforward, and it should clearly show a brand message to your target audience.
Your logo should be recognizable so that people can remember it easily and associate it with your company.

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Keep things simple!
Don’t use trendy fonts; make sure you do not use too many fonts.
Check the competition out and select and font that reflects your brand.

Some popular fonts are Sans Serif Fonts.
The most popular Sans serif fonts are Futura, Helvetica and Franklin Gothic. Those fonts create a modern and sleek feel to your brand.

Check out this cool article for info about 50 extra fonts.

The colors you choose for your logo design is essential.
For example, it’s very odd to see a law firm with a bright neon logo.
Since this is such an essential step, this guide will help you explain the meaning of some of the colors.

This color is usually associated with passion, heat, and anger. This primary-color is considered a high-arousal color, often stimulating people to take risks. It has also proven that it stimulates the senses and raises blood pressure. It may also arouse feelings of power, energy, passion, aggression, love, or danger.
Like the fruit, this color stimulates energy. This color is a beloved one of the food, art, and sports industries. While in some cases, it is used to evoke the appetite; in other cases, it suggests creativity and playfulness.

It’s a color most commonly used on the warm colors, even if sometimes it’s just used as a second color. However, this color stimulates brain activity and cheerfulness.

It conveys harmony, freshness, nature. Opposite to red the green color is a signal of safety. Proven is that it’s a color that is the easiest on the eye. Green coveys healing, naturalness, and the feeling of security, that is why most medical products use the color green.

Blue is the most popular color. It’s the most common people’s favorite color. It explains why it’s the most used color on logo designs.

Purple conveys wealth, luxury, power, and royalty it contains elements from both red and blue. It’s has been associated with wisdom and calmness. It also has the strength of red. Recent studies have proven that children prefer purple to any other colors. It’s used a lot as a feminine color. Because of all these aspects, purple is used a lot in logos that promote luxury items, products towards woman and children.

Black is used frequently on its own, and black is usually most effective in logos when combined with other colors. It’s used most in luxury brands.

If there’s an important takeaway from this information, it’s that the colors you see daily on logos, from large companies, are rarely chosen by accident.
Colors do have meaning. Picking the right one is very important to establish your brand and to make it resemble your business.

There are seven main types of logos that you can choose from when you are going to create your logo. Pick the one that fits your company name or resembles your company.
You can also combine logos and icons to create a perfect and unique logo design.

  1. Lettermarks (or monogram logos)

Lettermark logos can be useful if your name is very long or hard to remember. Lots of businesses choose to go by their initials, think of NBC, M&M’s or H&M. These monograms are for minimalist logos.

  1. Wordmarks (or logotypes)

Wordmarks are a straightforward way of using your company name as a logo. They are all about letters if you have a unique name for your business; this type of logo is perfect for you.

  1. Pictorial marks (or logo symbols)

Iconographic are images that are easily recognizable and represent your brand with just a picture.

  1. Abstract logo marks

Instead of a recognizable symbol, abstract logo marks are geometric forms that are a symbol that is truly unique too.

  1. Mascots

Mascot logos are a fun way to give your brand a personality. Often they care colorful and have cartoonish fonts that resemble your business in a friendly way.

  1. Combination mark

A Combination mark combines a symbol with a wordmark to create a logo that is easy to recognize. The brand name is usually integrated into the emblem or placed next to it.

  1. Emblem

Similar to the combination marks, emblems are ofter also a combination of pictorial and word elements. Usually, they contain text integrated into a symbol or icon — for example, badges or seals.

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